End of the Month Wrap-Up: October 2019!

So I was so completely obsessing about NaNo and dealing with extra hours at work that I forgot to make a monthly wrap up post for October!

Here we go:

Writing was mostly limited to NaNo prep, feeling vaguely guilty about failing to rewrite #spookyromancenovel, putting some effort into it anyway by collating my beta reader feedback from the various channels it used to reach me, and writing blog posts. Not a productive month, but they can’t all be. November is going much better so far.

Reading! I read twelve books, only DNF’d one of them. I am ONE book away from having read all of the books I acquired in 2016, so before the end of the year I shall briefly reduce my backlog gap from three years to two, only to have it bounce right back up in 2020 when I need to finish off the many, many 2017 books I haven’t gotten to. I am making progress on all three of my yearly challenges as well, and might conceivably finish them all by the end of November, leaving December free to read whatever the hell I want and tick those Mount TBR/Virtual Mount TBR numbers higher.

NTS 11-1-19.jpg

Crafting: I did not, in fact, keep up my pace with the cross stitch project, though I did make some progress since the last photograph, at least. Look, I had to move the hoop!

In fact, I haven’t touched it in weeks, because I do things in phases and devoting myself to a project that long-term is going to generate a few bumps in the road. Also, working with that many shades of nearly identical green does require good lighting, and Michigan in fall/winter is not the best for sunlight. I will pick it up again soon. If not during NaNo, then definitely in December when I’ve got my yearly family visit and I’ll need crafting to keep me busy on the car trip and in whatever down time we’re all sitting around chatting/watching television. What will I do instead? Get to crafting the Christmas presents I’ve been ignoring all year to make or do other things, of course! What would the holiday season be without the last-minute gift making rush?

Exercise! Here, I’ve been doing exceptionally well (for me, anyway.) I have been running three times a week consistently since the last week of September. I challenged myself to finally set a PR for a 5K run, and I did, though it’s not a great time and I feel no need to share it until I’ve improved it somewhat. I’m slowly upgrading my running gear to be more cold-weather appropriate. I’ve been exploring different nature trails than the ones I usually run. I feel like a real runner again. A beginner, but not a terrible one. It’s a great feeling. I intend to run as much as safely possible through the winter, a feat I’ve never attempted before.


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