2020 Goals: Reading Challenges


I was considering taking it easier next year on reading challenges, but by now, faithful readers should know me better than that. I am changing up which challenges I do, a little.

The 2019 Challenge Rundown:

  1. Mount TBR (100 of my own books owned prior to the start of the year)
  2. Virtual Mount TBR (48 books on my TBR that I don’t own–meant to encourage me utilizing the library more)
  3. The PopSugar Ultimate Reading Challenge
  4. The Reading Frenzy’s monthly mini-challenges, as I had time and/or liked the theme
  5. Goodreads overall total challenge (150)

Now, I finished all of those (minus the December challenge from Frenzy, which I’m halfway through.) I did not read any extra books for VMTBR; I’ve read a few for regular Mount TBR. My overall book number this year for the Goodreads challenge is going to be lower than years prior, but I still made the goal I set.

So, you’d think with the time I want to devote to learning to draw, plus writing time, I’d cut back on reading, right? (Also I want to catch up some on my video game backlog, but that doesn’t deserve its own post.) But no, after checking the Book Riot Read Harder list for next year (I did that challenge last in 2016 and have skipped it since) my disappointment in the incredibly narrow prompts led me down a rabbit hole of reading group recommendations until I found Around The Year, which, like PopSugar, is a prompt-based challenge paced to be finished reading one book a week. Unlike PopSugar, they have a schedule that makes it actually weekly, though the group rules say that doesn’t need to be followed strictly.

I found myself liking the prompt list, and I do enjoy some pre-planning of my TBR, so I signed up and started putting together books for it.

So my proposed 2020 Reading Challenge List looks more like this:

  1. Mount TBR 100 (again, if I sign up for 150 I’ll feel too stressed)
  2. PopSugar 2020
  3. Around the Year 2020
  4. The Reading Frenzy monthly mini-challenges (when I have the inclination)
  5. Goodreads overall total challenge (150 again)

Virtual Mount TBR is getting cut, not because I’m not going to use the library–quite a few of the books on my PopSugar/ATY lists are ones I don’t own–but because my personal collection is still quite bloated and I need to read that down as much as possible.

On a related note, I have two personal but non-challenge reading goals I intend to dovetail in as much as possible with the formal challenges; to read as many of my acquired-in-2017 books as possible (I will finish my last 2016 book this year, dammit) and to finish (or progress through, if they’re incomplete) as many series as possible. I liked that I did the “Getting Serious About Series” posts, but I don’t like how I did them: they’re going to get revamped for 2020 to make following along easier.

So that takes care of art, reading, and the brief mention of my backlog video games. Up next: writing goals!

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