Getting Serious About Series 2020 #1

I won’t lie, my old format for the posts tracking my series-reading progress got really complicated, really quickly, and focused far too heavily on whether or not I owned the books in question, so I ended up with far more categories than I needed.

This year, I still want to track my progress, but I’m going to try to streamline it.

The first category, though, sadly, stays the same:

Waiting for the Next Book to Be Published (still)

The next category is all the series I have in progress that I could keep reading because more books do exist (whether or not I own them yet):

Series in Progress (books read/total books)

And the “I should get to these soon” series:

I Own The First One (or More) But Haven’t Started Yet

Then, because I regret not doing this last year, a list of every series I’ve completed (or abandoned for whatever reason) since starting the tracking:

Off My List in 2020

  • [nothing yet]

I still intend to come up with a system of color changing text, or possibly just using boldface, to mark items that have changed, but this is the baseline for the start of the new year, edited from my list last summer. There are items missing here, compared to that one: I ditched one series without reading it due to author shenanigans I couldn’t support, another I started and DNF’d the first book because it was that bad, and so forth. But clean slate this year, here’s where I’m starting.

As for overall series goals, I often pick one big series a year to make sure I finish (The Dark Tower back in 2017, for example, and Saga in 2019 when I meant to do the James Bond books but had to ditch them because I hated them so much by the end of the second book.) In 2020, the top-priority series is Robin Hobb’s Realms of the Elderlings, which I am just shy of halfway through. They are all big, dense fantasy novels that generally take me a solid week to read, even at my fast pace, so that’s about two months of my reading time spoken for already. I’m hesitant to pick a smaller series to go with it right out of the gate, but I’m sure I can knock off at least a few other easier goals as well.



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