Next Month’s TBR: April 2020

April 2020 TBR

  1. Fool’s Fate, by Robin Hobb
  2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky
  3. The Bridges of Madison County, by Robert James Waller
  4. Johannes Cabal the Necromancer, by Jonathan L. Howard
  5. The Night Watch, by Sergei Lukyanenko
  6. Trick, by Natalia Jaster
  7. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, by Ransom Riggs
  8. Wasted Words, by Staci Hart
  9. The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde
  10. Tikka Chance on Me, by Suleikha Snyder

It took one more book this month than the first three to cover all my challenges, and there are a few other next-in-series reads I want to get to soon, so April is shaping up to be a heavy reading month.

Of course, Michigan is locked down until April 13th, and I’m off work for the duration. (I do still have my job, as long as the business I work for survives the coming hard times. I’m trying not to think about that too much, besides having a rough plan for landing on my feet if things go badly.)

On the other hand, I’ve been playing so very, very much Animal Crossing: New Horizons over the past few days, it’s cutting into my reading time even if I do have extra. But I have to let my husband play too, sometimes, so I’m sure I’ll still stick my nose in books often enough, especially since there are quite a few titles on this (very strangely balanced?) list that I’ve been looking forward to.

Hope you’re all staying safe and enjoying your own reading right now!


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