Happy Fifth Birthday to My Blog!

It was actually a week ago, but I didn’t realize that morning, I already had a post up for that day, also time is a meaningless construct of human perception and all that…

When I started this blog, and when I started writing my first book (which was slightly earlier) I didn’t have a five-year plan. I had a one-year plan: get my book finished and released by the end of the year. And I did! And I managed that again in the two years following!

I had hoped, of course, to keep publishing at a rate of one a year (or slightly faster, as I refined my methods–after all, a lot of those lessons I only had to learn once and then keep applying to my process.)

But as I’ve discussed often enough before, 2018 and 2019 were difficult years for me with lots of personal upheaval, both negative and positive. Instead of two more finished works, I’ve got a pile of rough drafts and partial rewrites. I am still writing, but it’s been hard.

Now I’ve set myself the same goal I started with at the beginning: publish a book this year. But 2020 has thrown us all a series of increasingly challenging curveballs, though I’m still trying. I’ve got half a year to get Fifty-Five Days whipped into shape–I’m far ahead of where I was the same time in 2015 with What We Need to Survive. This could still happen, and I’m going to work as diligently as I can toward that goal.

As for the next five years…keep writing? Keep publishing? Hopefully get back to at least one release a year? Who knows!

Because I want to feel good about myself and my accomplishments for a minute or two, here’s my five years as a series of statistics:

  • Books published: 3
  • NaNoWriMo’s completed: 6 (every November + one spring Camp Nano)
  • Plot bunnies written down for possible future projects: 1
  • Unfinished first drafts: 2 (though one has been mined for another project and will never get finished)
  • Complete first drafts: 1
  • Partial second drafts: 1 (my current project!)
  • Complete second drafts: 1
  • Flash fiction posted: 9
  • Articles on editing: about a dozen (I need to overhaul my tagging system)
  • Articles on the writing process: well over a hundred
  • Book reviews written: 777

I know my following here is small, but I appreciate every single one of you and I hope you’ll stick with me as I work to get my blog and writing career back on track!

2 thoughts on “Happy Fifth Birthday to My Blog!

  1. Happy anniversary to your blog 🎉 some amazing accomplishments there. I’ve just been thinking of how I’ve been able to just get back to blogging and finally writing those book reviews (especially for all these Netgalley books I’ve gotten). I’ve moved from MichelleBookAddict on WordPress to MichelleBookAddict on Instagram and now this account on WordPress. It’s been a lot of changes and I think I’ve got the motivation to finally stick with writing on the blogs etc.

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