End of the Month Wrap-Up: August 2020!

I am ready for summer to be over. August hit us just as hard as July with heat and humidity, and I am done with it. Bring on fall!

Here goes the usual roundup of important activities:

Writing: Major accomplishment! After nearly two solid months of work, I finished the first-pass line editing/plot-hole check draft of Fifty-Five Days! I’ve had a week-long break now, and I think I’ll go another week before I start over at the beginning with my filler-word list to do another pass.

Reading: I read fifteen books last month. I am caught up or ahead on all my reading challenges, both monthly and yearly. I have around 30 books to go by the end of the year to clear my 2017 shelf, and I’ve assessed which series I want to continue or finish in that time. I’m still going to have to read a lot to get it all done, but I think I’m up to it, even with my lofty publishing goals.

Exercise: Recovery from my spring of illness and semi-involuntary sloth is not going as well as I’d hoped, but I’m still making some progress. I’m trying to run three times a week and always managing at least twice. Other days, I walk. I tried a little Tai Chi, and it’s okay, but I’m not sure if it will stick right now–I don’t have much brain power to spare for learning yet another new thing right now, because…

Drawing and Journaling: …Learn to Draw 2020 is back in action. I’ll go into more detail later, but I’ve found a promising new source of drawing instruction, and for a good chunk of the month I’ve also been journaling daily. I’d like to focus whatever time I have for learning new things here, which means I also gave up my daily Japanese language practice (which I hadn’t mentioned much here, or possibly at all. I had a 67-day streak on DuoLingo before I quit, but I was getting overwhelmed by too many new kanji too quickly. I’ll go back to it someday.)

Crafting: Still no progress on either my big knitting project or my massive cross stitch. Too hot. I’ve mostly been mending clothes that need it, and also my shower curtain, when one of its grommets popped off in the wash. Once the weather cools off more, I’ll start up again–after all, I still have Christmas crafting to do!

Goals for September:

  1. Start work on the next draft of Fifty-Five Days, after a few days’ more break time.
  2. Read all the books I have set up on my challenge TBR (post on Wednesday) and ideally at least three or four more, drawn from the series I need to continue.
  3. Draw every day, working through my new teaching source steadily.
  4. Journal every day as well.
  5. Keep trying to run as often as possible, but exercise using other methods when that’s too much.
  6. Get all my blog posts up on time.

Yeah, I know. This looks like pretty much every other list I’ve made, minus the new drawing goals. My aim right now for life is stability and productivity, which is challenge enough without stretching myself further!

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