Checking In on #rockstarnovel, #3

Photo by David Fanning on Unsplash

I’ve been updating frequently in the end-of-month wrap-ups, so I haven’t posted specifically about the novel project since partway through Camp NaNo in July! Oops!

The status update: Fifty-Five Days, v4, the filler-word editing pass, got underway this week. As of yesterday, I had the first four chapters edited, of 36. If I can do at least two a day, I’ll be done before the end of this month, so that’s the plan!

As I’m still shooting for a release before the end of the year, I’ve got to make that deadline (or come close to it) in order to give myself time for making the cover (cross your fingers for me) or commissioning one, doing all the file and text formatting, putting together the marketing materials…I haven’t done this dance since 2017, so I’m rusty. I definitely could have taken better notes on my process.

The editing itself is going fine–I’ve always enjoyed this nit-picky word-choice nonsense. While it’s faster than a straight-up rewrite, it’s still a time-consuming process, and after that I still have to listen to the whole thing for mistakes I haven’t caught yet…

I’m confident, though. I can get this done!

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