#Sunday-Romance Serial: “I Can’t Believe You Did This”

Photo by Niki Sanders on Unsplash
  • Continuing With: Rita and Andy
  • Setting: Contemporary; unnamed/generic American city on a river
  • Length: 709 words
  • Key Tropes: dating, new relationship, public displays of affection, aggressive woman/passive man dynamic
  • Content Warnings: internalized toxic masculinity
  • Explicit?: Yes

Andy’s head swam with pleasure, with surprise, with an unexpectedly fierce desire. He usually had to work himself up to this point, to coach himself into being excited to get physical.

Rita swept all that to the side by pushing him into an alley.

“I can’t believe you did this,” he whispered. She was biting his earlobe at the time.

“I almost can’t believe you’re into it,” she whispered back. “A lot of men don’t like how aggressive I can be.”

“I like it.”

She chuckled. “I can tell.”

“Is this–are we–” He broke off as she slid one hand around his waist, reaching under his belt, into his pants, to squeeze his ass.

“Not here. And not if you’re not ready to. But I am, so if you want to take me to your place, let’s go.”

How far from his place were they, actually? Would it be quicker to walk there, or go back to the restaurant for his car? But if he left it there overnight, he might get towed. The reality of logistics cooled his blood, weighting it with disappointment at falling out of the moment. “I don’t know. I mean, I want to, but–“

Rita pressed a finger to his lips to halt his backpedaling. “But nothing,” she said soothingly. “If you’re not sure, that’s fine. I’m alright making out like this until we get too cold and have to call it off.”

The brick wall against his back was a giant heat sink. “Okay.” He reached for her, filled his hands with her, slipping inside her coat.

“Yes,” she moaned when he palmed her breast. “Play with my nipples.”

She kissed him as he did, tweaking them lightly through her shirt at first, harder when she groaned and bit his lower lip. He thought his brain might short circuit when she started to grind her body against his, rocking her hips in time with the movement of her lips, a push and pull that had him rutting against her in desperation.

He was desperate, insanely turned on by this woman who somehow knew what he needed from her, knew to step up and get things started because he had a stupid, stubborn block about being the first to ask for intimacy. He was a minute away from coming in his pants from no more than a frantic alley make-out session.

Andy may have been working through some of the feelings of shame he felt at not being the perfect alpha male so many women seemed to want, but he certainly wasn’t going to embarrass himself like that, especially in public where he couldn’t deal with the uncomfortable reality of messy underwear right away. Rita might be cool with it–she might even be wickedly pleased she’d managed to get him off without actively trying–but she might also walk away from his neediness, his anxieties. He couldn’t risk it. “Stop.”

She pulled back, licked her swollen lips. “Okay.” Slowly, she unwound herself from him, and he was actually surprised where her hands had ended up in his distraction, how rumpled their clothing had gotten. “I have a new plan, if you’d like to hear it.”

He wanted to hear literally anything she might say in that tone of voice. Gossip about her best friends, Hamlet’s soliloquy, her grocery list for the week. “Sure.”

“I hate to admit defeat to the elements, but my feet are freezing. How about you take me home, and I make us some hot chocolate?” When he didn’t answer, she grinned. “No funny business, I swear this isn’t a euphemism for anything or a play to take things farther. I pushed you into an alley, but I won’t push you through the door to my bedroom.”

It sounded wonderful, almost too good to be true. But he wasn’t in a mood to question good fortune. And he was cold, too. “I’d like that.”

They helped each other straighten their clothing. Andy felt a stupid little grin on his face that probably matched the one on Rita’s. Their touches were far less personal and one hundred percent non-arousing, but the warm glow between them persisted. “There,” she said, patting his chest gently. “All better.”

He buttoned the collar of her coat for her, tucking her scarf into place. “You’re presentable again, too.”

She grinned and took his hand. “Let’s go.”

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