#Sunday-Romance Serial: “Under the Blanket”

Photo by Yohann LIBOT on Unsplash
  • Continuing With: Naomi and Joanna
  • Setting: Contemporary, no specifics
  • Length: 1,318 words
  • Key Tropes: established relationship
  • Content Warnings: should I tag sex toys here? Or are we all comfortable with sex toys?
  • Explicit?: Yes

Joanna peered at Naomi in the morning dimness. “Do you mean that in a sleepy way, or a sexy one?”

“I hadn’t thought ahead that far,” Naomi admitted. “I was just being cute.”

“I do love your cuteness.” Joanna giggled. “I also love licking you like an ice cream cone.”

“Oh,” Naomi breathed softly in surprise. “If you’re offering…”

Joanna’s head disappeared under the edge of the blanket and there was a great deal of shuffling, which somehow involved tickling, and by the time Jo had Naomi’s fuzzy pajama pants pulled off, they were both shrieking with laughter.

Naomi couldn’t remember ever laughing in bed with any of her previous lovers, man or woman. If you got right down to the deepest reason she had fallen in love with Joanna and married her, when no one else had ever made her think of wedding bells, it was because Jo could always make her laugh, no matter the mood, no matter the setting.

Sometimes that got them into trouble when Jo was whispering inappropriate jokes to her in public places, but in private, in bed, no one was there to judge them for their sex involving as much laughter as passion, and loud shrieking for more than one reason.

Joanna’s hands were much warmer than Naomi’s, but not warmer than her inner thighs, so there was some squirming happening when Jo tried to get started. She said something, but it was too low and muffled by the blankets for Naomi to figure out. She got the message when Jo slapped the side of her ass, and spread her legs to give her wife room.

She loved the way Jo teased her, scraping her thighs lightly, blowing a thin stream of cool air over her heated flesh, not touching her in the ways she was suddenly craving most. If this went on too long, she’d end up cursing a blue streak, or even begging for something more substantial, but at the beginning, when she was still laughing and excited, the gentle torment of waiting was just as good as the main event.

She lifted her arms and wrapped her hands around the top of the headboard, because that very first night together, which seemed simultaneously forever ago and just yesterday, she had discovered Joanna hated having her hair pulled or her head directed while she was giving oral. It went against Naomi’s instincts not to touch her, not to give her that feedback, but sometimes that made it hotter, to have to stop herself from doing something she wanted. She was only recently exploring what that penchant for denial did to her, something she hadn’t known about herself before falling into bed with Jo. But this slow, lazy morning, barricaded against the winter cold, she didn’t want to wait too long. “More,” she said, making it enough of a command that she wasn’t sure how Joanna would react. She might give Naomi what she wanted, or she might not, not yet.

The first slow lick startled another shriek out of her, but she relaxed quickly into the rhythm of the tongue and lips against her, and soon she was rocking her hips in time. She was already close when Joanna stopped, a pattern they had fallen into, because Joanna usually paused in the middle of things to check in and find out what Naomi wanted next. Seconds later, Jo swept the blankets back, gulped in a huge breath of air, and grinned at Naomi’s renewed shrieking from the wave of cold air. “So do you want to finish on a dildo or my fingers?”

The avid look in her eyes was something Naomi wanted to surrender to. “You pick.”

The grin got wider and took on a deliciously wicked tinge. “Oh, honey, you are going to come so hard.”

Naomi pulled the blankets back over her but lay still as Joanna climbed out of bed and went to their stash of toys in the closet. She returned with a slightly curved dildo with a suction cup on the base. She went to the wall on her side of the bed, which was only a few feet away. Naomi perked up–this was new. They’d only used it in the shower before. “Will it work on the wall?” she asked.

“Let’s find out.” She glanced at the height of the bed, positioned the toy, then looked again and moved it a little lower. Once she had it attached, she tugged on it a few times to test the seal. “I think so. Now get over here and fuck yourself on it for me.”

Despite the rough command, Joanna was gentle with her, helping her get positioned and slide on. When her butt and thighs touched the cold wall, she shivered. She still had her pajama shirt on, but Jo was already unbuttoning it to play with her breasts. “That’s perfect,” she purred. “Now go slow, while I get undressed. Really slow, as slow as you can.”

Naomi set her hands on the edge of the mattress and worked herself against the toy, which dragged through her swollen folds and set off a needy ache in her to go faster, to pump harder. She concentrated instead on watching her wife peel off her own pajamas, going instantly from a cozy body for cuddling to a sexy body for touching, licking, worshiping. A brief shiver ran through Joanna, but she spread herself out on the bed facing Naomi, spreading her legs. “You know what I want, honey. Keep going slow, because you don’t get to come until I do.”

If that wasn’t the hottest thing Naomi had ever heard in her life, it certainly felt like it in the moment. She pressed her face to her wife’s pussy, desire and enthusiasm briefly triumphing over skill. There was nothing she wanted more than to taste Joanna, to drive her mad, to make her cry out in ecstasy. And all while she slowly rode the toy on the wall, a constant source of distraction and pleasure. Her clit ached for direct stimulation, but if she touched it, she would come too soon.

She resisted until Joanna leaned her head back, no longer watching her. With one hand, she drove two fingers into her wife’s quivering folds, and with the other, she furiously rubbed herself, trying to make up for the maddeningly slow pace she still maintained with her own body. Trying to do so many things at once nearly broke her, and tears started to leak from the outer corners of her eyes. She moaned against Joanna’s mound, curling her fingers upward, trying to speed Jo’s release so she could have her own.

She knew she’d won when Joanna’s hands went to her own breasts. Jo loved nipple play, and since Naomi’s hands weren’t free, she had no problem doing it herself. She pinched and pulled and tweaked and twisted. “Fuck, Naomi, do it. I’m coming, I’m coming.”

And she was, a rush of moisture meeting Naomi’s tongue, coating her hand. She kept stroking her fingers inside until the squeezing muscles made it too hard to keep doing, and she withdrew. “Can I go faster now?” she asked, her voice needy, almost pitiful.

Joanna lifted her head. “No,” she said clearly.

Naomi whined. “I need something more,” she explained.

“Okay.” While Naomi was surprised by this quick agreement, Joanna untangled herself from the bedclothes and Naomi’s reaching arms, going back to the closet and reappearing with a small vibrator. “This should do.”

When she turned it on and pressed it against Naomi’s clit, the reaction was instantaneous. Naomi saw stars and felt her knees buckling, but Jo caught her before she fell too far forward.

Not before the sudden motion broke the suction holding the dildo to the wall, though. The rough, urgent sounds of her orgasm morphed into laughter, and Joanna looked bewildered, until she looked past Naomi’s butt and saw what was missing. “Oh, wow. Good thing there wasn’t a person attached to that dick, right?”

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