From My Art Journal, #17

Because I post these before the end of the month, I still have a few Planttober spreads worth sharing from October, my favorites of what’s left.

That last one with the oak leaves might be my favorite of the whole project!

While NaNoWriMo has been going on, I’ve only been art journaling when I have the extra time and energy, so not daily. But I still have quite a few pages, because NaNo’s been going so well, and also now that I made journaling a habit, I still get the itch to do it frequently.

My reward for “winning” NaNo, I decided, is new art supplies! So next month I’m sure I’ll have a lot of art to pick through while deciding what to share.

Since I’ve started doing this more regularly, I genuinely think I’m feeling better overall (not that I don’t still have bad days, of course I do) but now sometimes when I’m upset, I tell myself, “go make bad art!” And after an hour or so of being messy with no real plan, I have some maybe-not-so-bad art and I feel better, so really, what’s the drawback?

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