End of the Month Wrap-Up: December 2020!

Photo by Joanna Lopez on Unsplash

This month, I read 14 books, baked nine different types of cookies, sent three Christmas packages, finished one of my art journals, and barely worked on the NaNo novel at all. Ideally, it would be done by now–in reality, I was too wiped out by the holiday preparations, various stressors in other areas of my life, and…

publishing my newest novel!

Yeah, that happened. And it took a lot of effort, and now I’m taking a bit of a creative break. The motto for 2021 I’m trying to adopt: “stop being so hard on yourself.” I do have goals for the new year, but I’m thinking smaller and less stressful.

I’m not going to do a whole-year retrospective, because yes, good things did happen to and for me this year, but so did a lot of bad ones, and I’m not interested in rehashing it more than I already have.

Despite everything, though, we did have a good Christmas, and while our “feast” wasn’t as elaborate as the meal we planned for Thanksgiving, it was tasty and the new recipes mostly turned out well. I finished the day with a new Kindle Paperwhite, which means I’m no longer reading ebooks on my phone, as I have been since my first e-reader, a Fire that I honestly don’t remember how long I’ve had now, got old and slow and cranky. So that’s great, especially since so much of my backlog is digital now!

Okay, that’s a year-related thing I can wrap up happily: my owned-and-unread TBR is down to 167, split 100/67 digital/physical. Down from (*cough cough*) over 400 at the peak, when I was buying secondhand books for pennies far, far faster than I was reading them. Even with my plans to relax my reading pace somewhat in 2021, that’s barely more than I read from my own collection this year (155.) Yes, I’m sure I’ll be acquiring some new books, but even so, the end is in sight–I could have my entire backlog cleared in the next two years. Seeing as how I’ve been working on it steadily now for three and feeling like I’m not actually making progress, this is great news for me.

I know that nothing is going to magically change when the clock strikes midnight tonight and the new year rolls in, but I’m choosing to be cautiously optimistic anyway. I have good things to look forward to, small plans that will turn into little victories I can celebrate. I hope you all get to do the same!

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