End of the Month Wrap-Up: February 2021!

As you faithful readers may have noticed, I was MIA for a good chunk of this month. It started in the second week when I came down with a nasty (non-COVID) bug that had me shivering in bed for five days straight, and it’s continued pretty much up until now. I’ve been keeping up with my book review posts and that’s it!

I thought about announcing a more formal hiatus, and kept putting it off, telling myself I would get back to posting soon and taking a scheduled break was overkill. Then I kept not doing it anyway!

I also thought about using this post to announce a more formal hiatus for March, but the fact that I’m managing to write this post at all gives me hope I can get back into the blog. But there may still be upcoming holes in my schedule (which I took a stab at mocking up just now) because I’ve got a big, stressful life event taking up the second week of the month, and I can prep some posts ahead of time, but not really the book reviews. They may take a week off, I’ll have to see how much time I have for reading and writing reviews during that period.

This month was so poor for me, goal-wise, I don’t even want to get into detail as I usually do. The quick version: I read all the books on my planned TBR, but barely, and not many others besides–though I did read the right combination of books to get my first bingo for Beat the Backlist. My January exercise success failed in its momentum when I got sick. I did make myself finish the #rockstarnovel2 draft, but it’s bad, and I’m unhappy with it, and I’m setting it aside for a while to let my stress levels normalize and my creativity regenerate. I haven’t been writing much of anything else, including in my journal; all of my journals have been sadly neglected. I have still been working every day on the needlepoint piece, because crafting time can be difficult to come by, but is a high priority for maintaining my sanity.

My goal for March: get through it in one piece. I’m not trying to sound overly dire; no one in my family is seriously ill or dying or anything like that, but without going into the specifics, I am deeply stressed by unavoidable Real Life nonsense and it’s going to continue for at least a few more weeks. I’m genuinely concerned for my mental health, and when that happens, my writing and writing-adjacent activities are generally the first to go, because I can’t muster the energy for my second/voluntary/dream job when so much else is going on, and stress kills my creativity.

So that’s what’s going on, and I’ll try to get my act together as much as possible and get back to normal in April. I’ll do my best in March even if it’s not 100% effort here, because it’s going to be 110% somewhere else for a while, but I’m going to stop dragging my feet like I did in February.

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