Getting Serious About Series 2021: Update #1

Waiting for the Next Book to Be Published

Series in Progress (books read/total books)

Series Off My List in 2021

I feel good about my first-quarter progress on this, honestly. I’ve truly finished three series while only adding two new ones; I’ve kicked five potential series off the list by giving them a try and not enjoying them all that much. I’ve made progress on three more.

I had hoped to have another one crossed off the list by now, but I’ve read even less in March than I expected to, and I haven’t started the final book in the Elemental Blessings quartet yet. It’s high on my priorities list, though.

I keep looking at Preacher, sitting at one of nine, and thinking, should I tackle that this year? I’ve read enough graphic novels know I’m not a huge fan of the format, and they require a bit more mental work from me than reading plain text. And I’m aware the subject matter is, how should I say this?…intense. But it felt good to get through all of Saga, and all of the Sandman works, so it’s also on my radar.

Less controversial for me: I’m probably going to buy myself the fifth Memoirs of Lady Trent novel for my upcoming birthday, I’ve really been looking forward to that one.

I’ll check back in near the end of June with more progress!

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