Getting Serious About Series 2021: Update #2

Waiting for the Next Book to Be Published

Series in Progress (books read/total books)

Series Off My List in 2021

There are a lot of ongoing series I haven’t budged on, for one reason or another. But my big accomplishment since the last update is catching up on The Expanse–I’m all set to read the final book when it drops late this year. I’ve also finished Elemental Blessings, which had been hanging over my head for quite some time, as well as wrapping up one more romance series, Baldwin Village.

What most of this quarter has been about, though, has been trying out series that were in my backlog, and for the most part, discarding them. There are eleven “I’m not going to finish these” series added to the list, thanks to me working hard to clear out my 2018 backlog this year–many of those books were first-in-series romance, fantasy, or sci-fi novels. (I still have some to go, so expect that list to get even longer next quarter.) In contrast, only two new series got added to the in-progress list from that pile (and notably one is by an author I already knew I liked, who now has two series ongoing.)

Plans between now and mid-autumn: clear out more of that 2018 backlog, which will include testing out several more series (I haven’t counted) but also, one possible complete series — Shadowmarch, by Tad Williams. Who is a longtime favorite author, but I missed reading this series when it was published because it was an online serial publication, that I believe was said at the time “would never be in print.” I haven’t looked into the history of what happened and how that changed, but I did buy all four books secondhand in 2018, so yeah, it’s time to give them a try. As for what’s going to happen with other ongoing series, I need to either buy books or find them at the library to move most of those along, which isn’t out of the question of course, but doesn’t clear my backlog or contribute to Mount TBR, so those priorities need to be balanced. I’m doing a lot of knitting lately, so anything I can get as an audiobook has a good chance of me getting to it.

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