NaNo ’18: I Won!


Here’s the deal. I hit my 50K today (with one day left!) but #spookyromancenovel is NOT finished. I’ve got a few more days probably on that, though I am so so close to the end.

There will not be a “This Week, I Read…” post tomorrow. Between holiday-related stuff and NaNo, I didn’t actually finish a book this week, for the first time, I think, since I started doing weekly review compilations! Also, maybe I shouldn’t have chosen a 600-page, first-in-a-trilogy fantasy to read this week. I’m more than half done, but yeah, still going to need a day or three for that.

Hopefully, I’ll have everything back on track next week. My plan for December (once I finish #spookyromancenovel) is to take most of the month off writing to let the draft settle. Then, over New Year’s when I’m on my family vacation, I’ll do the first reread and make myself a worldbuilding file, because I was definitely making it all up as I went, and if I do that before starting any kind of rewrite, I’ll have a much more consistent world and an easier time making it that way.

So, I’ll see everybody next Monday when I resume my regular blog schedule. Until then, I’ll be on the couch reading a lot. Gotta have something to review next week, right?

NaNo ’18, Progress Report #3

Daily Word Counts:

  • Day 15: 641
  • Day 16: 921
  • Day 17: 1,621
  • Day 18: 295
  • Day 19: 946
  • Day 20: 8,530
  • Day 21: 761

After another spell of bad days, I sat down Tuesday morning to do an “Xtreme Five Hour Word Marathon,” a tradition on the NaNo forums. I didn’t write straight through, you’re still encouraged to take short breaks, but once I set that timer for five hours, I wouldn’t let myself say man, I’ve written a lot today, I can stop early.

That caught me up completely and got me a whole extra day ahead.

I’m still hopeful I can finish and “win” this NaNo, though I admit, even if I’m super excited by this story, life (and my depression) seem to be conspiring against me finding/making time to write, and it feels harder than previous years.

I’m not quitting, though! I will do this!

NaNo ’18, Progress Report #2

Daily Word Counts:

  • Day 8: 407
  • Day 9: 1,878
  • Day 10: 2,933
  • Day 11: 2,233
  • Day 12: 851
  • Day 13: 2,595
  • Day 14: 698

A much better week overall, especially because I finished the last few Fictober18 prompts!

I’m on track for 50K; my cumulative count at Day 14 is 23,498/23,333, so I am just barely ahead.

Still excited about the story, things are definitely moving along. And one of my lovebirds finally confessed! Slow-burn no more! (Kind of.)

NaNo ’18, Progress Report #1

This should have gone up yesterday, but as you’re about to see, it’s been a rough few days.

Daily Word Counts:

  • Day 1: 2,026
  • Day 2: 2,633
  • Day 3: 2,374
  • Day 4: 2,049
  • Day 5: 237
  • Day 6: 1,796
  • Day 7: 794

It’s not that I’m not excited about the story, because I am. There’s just been a gap the last few days between my excitement and my motivation, including today; I haven’t written a single word on the project yet. [I intend to as soon as I’m done with this, my patented combo dishes-and-writing session where I write in short bursts while my crusty dishes soak in the sink.]

I hate seeing zeroes in my daily log, so this year I’m embracing any progress is progress. Even if that means I force myself to write a hundred words before calling it a day. But I’ve already eaten up my extra-word cushion, which I’ll admit is discouraging this early in the month.

Remember, fellow WriMos–every word is progress!

NaNoWriMo ’18: What I’m Planning, and Also, Sorry I Haven’t Been Around

I got sick last week. Really sick. I had already fallen behind on my usual posting schedule to keep up with Fictober18, and throw an illness in the mix, I was done, I couldn’t keep up with writing, either.

I’m recovering, I’m writing, I’m catching up.

As of yesterday, I’ve written 31,657 words on #spookyromancenovel, my Fictober18 project. That’s far more forward momentum, more quickly, than any other project I’ve attempted in the year+ since I released What We Need to Decide–I guess finishing a novel trilogy can wipe you out a bit. I didn’t recognize that I needed more time to recharge, so I threw myself at a bunch of ideas that didn’t really inspire me, just to feel like I was still being productive.

Now, I’m inspired again. I said early on, because I hoped, that I would take #SPN successfully straight through into NaNo this year. And that’s definitely happening, because I can’t imagine stopping this train in the middle to start another new project three days from now. Nuh-uh, not happening.

So my ideal goal for NaNo is: 100K total, or finish the draft. A lesser and more reasonable goal: 50K just during November, finish the draft in December. I’d be thrilled with the former and happy with the latter.

Because of Fictober18 as well as my illness, I didn’t spend any time prepping (I’m already writing!) but I also didn’t make any prep posts, something I’ve always done before. So here’s various prep/advice posts from previous years:

2015: Learning to Love Word Vomit

2016: Staying Sane; The Care and Feeding of Plot Bunnies; The Post-NaNoWriMo Slump

2017Clean Your Desk; Mind-Mapping Goes Digital

As for posting #SPN scenes, which I’ve been doing for Fictober here on its WIP page, I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll continue during NaNo; I also haven’t decided if I’ll continue to use prompts (or what source I’ll use if I do) once I work through all the Fictober ones. I’ve still got a few days to think about that, and honestly, it could depend on where I leave off in the story on Halloween–if I need extra inspiration to get going on the 1st, prompts all the way!