Written from prompts given every Sunday as a community writing event on Tumblr.

Meredith and Lily:

  1. I Love You, You Idiot
  2. Day After Day
  3. Are We Really Doing This?

Mila and Belken:

  1. I Hate You
  2. Don’t Ever Doubt Us
  3. Hell or High Water
  4. I Didn’t Mean Any of It
  5. A New Life Together

Rita and Andy:

  1. You’re Driving Me Crazy
  2. I Can’t Believe You Did This
  3. Rose-Colored Glasses
  4. I Want You to Want Me

Naomi and Joanna:

  1. Your Hands are Cold as Ice
  2. Under the Blanket

Grace and the Greek Warrior (Complete)

Written entirely from writing prompts, this story began with a meet-cute writing prompt that was too good not to take a stab at, and each week I found a new prompt to keep the story moving. My only overarching plot goal was to make it a romance–so don’t expect a complicated plot or any deep, meaningful symbolism. It was a fun write, and hopefully it’s a fun, silly read.

  1. An Empty Exhibit
  2. A Lonely Man
  3. A Kind Woman
  4. What One Becomes
  5. One Good Day
  6. Uncertainty
  7. Distractions
  8. Hope
  9. The Journal
  10. A Vial of Tears


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