Grace and the Greek Warrior

Written entirely from writing prompts, this story began with a meet-cute writing prompt that was too good not to take a stab at, and each week I found a new prompt to keep the story moving. My only overarching plot goal was to make it a romance–so don’t expect a complicated plot or any deep, meaningful symbolism. It was a fun write, and hopefully it’s a fun, silly read.

It’s also available on Wattpad, and if you have an account there, I’d appreciate the views and feedback–but I’ll continue to post here on the blog as well, because I don’t want to force anyone to sign up for an account to read it.

Part 1: An Empty Exhibit

Part 2: A Lonely Man

Part 3: A Kind Woman

Part 4: What One Becomes

Part 5: One Good Day

Part 6: Uncertainty

Part 7: Distractions

Part 8: Hope

Part 9: The Journal

Part 10: A Vial of Tears

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